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We are a dedicated group of software engineers and designers, united by our passion to enhance lives, achieve product excellence, maintain unwavering integrity, promote meaningful human connections, and cultivate a collaborative and enjoyable team environment. Our core beliefs include:

  • Unparalleled System Craftsmanship: We uphold our platform to the highest standards. We firmly believe that exceptionally well-crafted systems, not extravagant features, are the bedrock of building trust.

  • Simplicity: Striving to make Rewanow simple, focused, and instantly comprehensible is a challenging endeavor. However, we are committed to this goal as we believe it enables us to create something truly remarkable.

  • Exceptional User Experiences: Crafting seamless and delightful experiences for our customers and users is not merely a work principle; it's a way of life for us. Every action we take starts and ends with our users in mind.
  • About Us


    The Rewanow platform offers a fully customizable management system that equips you with the essential tools to optimize and elevate your business performance. Our comprehensive suite of software solutions includes robust POS, marketing, customer management, employee management, and online brand management, all designed to streamline business operations, foster customer loyalty, and boost revenue. Our unwavering mission is to continually enhance the way small business owners manage their operations. We empower you to understand and engage with your customers effectively, transforming every interaction into a long-lasting relationship.

    Our platform is the perfect solution for those seeking an all-in-one, user-friendly, and cost-effective package to meet all their business needs. We assist you in aligning with your most profitable customers, ensuring you deliver and receive maximum value from each customer interaction.

    Salon Management System

      icon POS

      Extremely powerful and feature rich yet still very simple and fast

      icon Marketing

      Manage all types of discounts & promotions you ever need, with unlimited text messages

      icon Review Booster

      Get more good reviews and block bad reviews

      icon Track Technician

      Track technician service quality and attendance

      icon Customer Management

      Get more new customers, retains existing customers

      icon Digital Signage

      Show case your salon on large screen video

      icon Appointment Book

      Online and phone with reminder text messages

      icon Gift Cards

      All in one plastic gift cards and eGift cards integrated solution

      icon Employee Payroll

      Automatically calculate employee pays for both commission base and hourly base

      icon Turn Manager

      All most common ways to easily and fairly track and allot turns

      icon Business Performance

      Monitor all aspects of performance, over short and long period of time

      icon Accounting Book

      Record, track and manage your expenses in one place


    Salon Website

      icon Custom Built

      Built only for your salon

      icon Online Appointment

      Customers can make appointment online from any computer, tablet or phone

      icon eGift Card

      Allow selling eGift cards from your website

      icon Online Contact

      Contact form for your customers to reach you

      icon Search Engine Optimization

      Optimize so customers can easily find your business from Google and other search engines

      icon Social Networks

      Links to your business social network account for customers to follow

      icon Mobile Friendly

      Responsive design to work well on all computer, table and phone

      icon Lifetime Update

      Update anything on your website at any time

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